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$ 14 .00

WhoisGuard Protection

Privacy Registration

Domain 100% Anonymous

Registar Lock

Only for our Clients HYIP Hosting

24/7 Support

From : $ 15 .99

60Gbps DDoS Filtering

Disk Space - 5GB / IP Dedicated FREE

55'000,000 PPS / 600GB Traffic

Service 100% Anonymous / Privacy

High Performance HTTP/3

Premiun Plugins for HYIP

From $ 139 .00

450gbps DDoS Filtering

Disk Space - 15GB / IP Proxyshield

O.S Red Hat / Litespeed 4CPUS

WAF Security Layer 7 / IPS / IDS

Report Monthly Attacks (Monitor)

Clean Bandwidth From 100GB

Load Balanced HYIP
From $ 349 .00

2 Tbps Elite DDoS Filtering

DNS Anycast / IP WAF Protection / CDN

10 GB SSD / 2 SuperHost 8CPU/8GB RAM

1 Domain Allowed / 1 Database Pro.

SSL Certificate FREE -Godaddy

Cloud Email Zoho SMTP 100% Inbox

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Extreme Security for HYIP, Forex and ICO Business
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  • GeN4 Security+


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DDHP Security is pleased to announce a great advancement in its trans-Pacific services. As of today, we now peer directly with both of China’s two major Internet Providers, China Unicom and China Telecom. This advancement will have a tremendous effect for our Asian-based customers as this will decrease latency and packet loss while increasing network performance. DDHP Security is one of the few US-based hosting companies to peer with both upstream providers and we are excited for our customers to be able to experience this upgrade.

Global DNS Anycast [29 Data Centers Geographically] DDHP Security DNS Anycast boosts website performance by using advanced networking,
dynamic caching and content optimization techniques and dedicated servers of high resources.
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About DDHP Security - Company

Our Company offer Anti-DDoS Professional for HYIP Sites the service includes a mail server, DNS server, file storage, and a cPanel control panel account to manage your project. Was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in New York, Atlantic City, with cloud and DDoS scrubbing centers in America, Europe and Asia.

DDoS Protected Hosting

All our happy clients are saying the same, DDHP Security is the Best Services protected against DDoS attacks in the world. We always solve all the problems of our customers VS hackers attacks for ensuring your business continuity.

The Best DDoS Protection Hosting Solution

With our Innovation Product 2024, all our customers have services 100% Anonymous and Privacy. Special for HYIP Sites: Offshore Hosting in Amsterdam - Netherland.
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